Sunday, February 19, 2012

Late night in London.

Our first night in London and jet lag has left Kitty asleep during the afternoon only to awaken at midnight full of pep and energy. Nothing to do for it but to take her for a walk around London.

We left our hotel and wandered past the Old Vic Theater. Down past Waterloo Station and on to the Thames.

Kitty was entranced by the trees and the London Eye all light up on blue and danced around the trees. She was as happy to just enjoy the lights and the reflections on the Thames. There were steps to climb and lights to ooh and ahh over and room to run. She thought it was perfect.

Big Ben chimed to let us know we should head back and try to get a few hours sleep. We walked back to the hotel in the cold. The city seemed to be quiet except for the odd drunken college student here and there.

As we came up Black Friars, a thin orange fox made his way slowly and cautiously across the road. Mark spotted him first and pointed him out to me. As I turned to watch the fox make his way across the road, he turned and looked at me as if to say "good night" and he was gone.

We crept back into our warm hotel, shook off the cold and fell asleep.


  1. Hey Mom,its Maura,I hope you are having fun.I <3 you!
    Maura(who wants to see London ASAP)

  2. 1. That is awesome. Totally did "inappropriate hours" when I was visiting Vancouver a couple hours ago.
    2. Hi Maura!! I love that you commented on your Mom's blog!

  3. Love the midnight stroll and pictures. That is always the Best Way to see some place new.
    As the fox nodded to say, Goodnight... So shall I.

  4. A city fox! Jolly good! How romantic and dreamy, a midnight walk through London. Your photos are stunning as always. But this keen eye noticed Kitty's fabulous shoes... you must tell me where they're from :)

  5. @boatbaby- Clark's! What size is Naia wearing these days? Kitty will out grow them soon enough and they might just make their way to Annapolis...