Thursday, February 23, 2012

Postcards from London....

A few last snaps of London before we head to Scotland...

Disco dancing on the Thames

Best value in London- 7 pounds for 7 days bike hire Brilliant!


  1. All of your shots are beautiful, but that first one with the red car is AMAZING! I want it as a postcard please.

  2. I love the disco dancer.

    Everytime I think of the Thames, I can't help but remember all the historical fiction I read about it. Jack Aubrey and Hortio Hornblower!

  3. Wow, your photos are fantastic! Can I ask you what kind of camera/editing software you use?

    1. Thanks Dani! I am a professed fauxtographer and any good shots I get are totally due to my lenses. I have no idea what I am doing but I have good friends who are professional photogs who steer me in the right direction. I shoot on a Canon Rebel which I chose because the lenses are a lot more budget friendly than Nikon glass. For landscape/architecture I like my Sigma 8-16mm but it is heavy and fragile. For portraits, I use a Canon 50mm which has the advantage of being cheap. I have a few other lenses but these are the 2 I use most. I will be investing in a Canon 18-200 because carrying around a bunch of lenses is a pain in the patookie. For editing, I'm just starting to use Photoshop Elements since they announced the demise of picnik- which was great and idiot friendly and oh how I will miss it. If I haven't screwed up the shot too much, a lot of time I just tweak the photo a little bit in Windows Live gallery.I have a strict 5 minute editing rule- if it is going to take more than 5 minutes to edit something, I trash it. Really the secret to interesting photos is to just shoot a ton of photos and not be afraid to dump shots you don't like. Memory cards are cheap...

    2. Thank! I should have known you were a professional:D. I have been thinking about getting a better camera for our trip. What is your opinion of the mirrorless DSLR's? I want the best camera that is small and easy to work when living on a boat and traveling by dinghy.

  4. Oh I wouldn't know the first thing about mirrorless DSLRs! That is well beyond my very, very limited scope. I chose to go with the Canon because they are affordable-(pre Christmas sales are common) so if something happens I won't cry and the availability of inexpensive lenses. The Rebel allows you to use old school lenses that you can pick up for a song on Ebay. For me the ability to lose all my kit without having to spend the kids college money on new stuff was the deciding factor. If I were a more capable photographer I would probably care more about the body I use but for my needs, the Canon works well.