Tuesday, February 14, 2012


All of the upgrade/project wiring is now complete. There is no longer any need for hours to be spent on schematics, wiring looms and installation because all of it is finito! To be sure, there is still a bit of straight forward rewiring to be done such as wiring in the nav lights etc, but all of the new additions are complete.

 Mark thought it would be a good idea to post his schematics in case there are other  Captain Perfecto's lurking about and I don't think that is a bad idea at all I just need to figure out how to post a PDF to blogger....I suppose if there is someone out there desperate to have a finished wiring schematic in hand sooner than later (we're doing a bit of traveling it will be a few weeks) just drop us an email and we'll send it on to you. Ceol underscore Mor at yahoo but it IS a boat wiring schematic and will not have appeal to anyone unless they are up to their eye balls in boat wiring.

Mark asked my which winch I felt was a better choice for us- Andersen or Lewmar. I hadn't done any research and don't have enough practical experience to have an opinion but I was pretty excited that Mark was now thinking about deck hardware. We are now discussing blocks and winches and cleats. I find this all terribly exciting because it means we are moving forward and getting just a wee bit closer...


  1. Yay for progress! You will have to check this with the hard core gear geeks, but I recall that Lewmar is easier to to take apart and service yourself. I have only serviced Lewmars so I can't say for the other, but look into that. Self maintenance is important.
    Your girls look gorgeous!

  2. your girls are gorgeous. Glad things are making progress. Everything on a boat takes longer.

  3. Very sweet picture and congrats on the progress!