Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hurry Scurry

It is amazing to me how much work it is to provision for 3-4 days. 3-4 days with kids that is. If we did not have the kids aboard, I'd be happy to throw some clothes and water on the boat, a couple of boxes of Pop Tarts (the miracle food of modern science) and call it done. As it is, I've been running around laying in supplies, food, toys, boat bits like a mad woman for the past 2 days. I feel like I've been doing nothing but checking off lists. Note to self- get all but food provisioning done at least a month before departure. Anything else is madness.

In between the hunting and gathering, I've managed to help Mark get the main sail repaired and reinstalled on the boat. I am not the most graceful of sail handlers and poor Mark kept seeing me step on the sail gathered on the deck. "ACK! Don't step on the sail ! Care and attention!" As we replaced the battens his shoulders sank and he said "I think I cut the battens just a wee bit too long". He had carefully recut and added end caps on the battens in an attempt to keep the battens from chewing their way free.  So as we were hoisting it I liked to point out the fading glory that is Baggy MacBaggerton. "Look, there's a pin sized hole. And another one there. Stitchings gone there.  Mark, the good news is that I do not think the extra 2 mms on your batten length will make any difference at all. If Baggy survives this jaunt somewhat intact it deserves full kudos and a well deserved retirement."  Looks like we will be ordering that new main sail sooner rather than later. Don't ask me about roach size or battens (actually I do know exactly what I want but its bo-ring.), instead ask about Maura's and my plan to BEDAZZLE our main sail. You should have seen Mark's face when Maura and I told him that no, we weren't kidding and the slight loss in aerodynamic efficiency would more than be made up by our joy at having a glittery, sparkly logo on the sail. Mark says it won't happen. Maura and I think otherwise.Mark is the only male aboard and there are 3 females. He is outnumbered. We shall see who wins-   Fortunately the predicted wind conditions are decidedly mild and we should be able to manage just fine with Baggy. If all else fails I have duct tape, a sail palm, a bunch of Yo Gabba Gabba stickers and mad MacGyver skills.

While I was off doing my bit to boost the economy and tick those darned check list boxes, Mark put the finishing touches on the lifelines and netting. After spending hours cutting, installing swages and retensioning the life lines he got busy with getting our netting up. The netting probably won't prevent Kitty from ever taking a tumble from the deck, but it should slow her down so it was on the important list. Mark was so chuffed at his results, he was absolutely giddy as he asked me to come survey his handy work. I admired the neat and tidy manner in which he had carefully attached the netting. Then I looked at the transom. Seems Mark finally found his groove and got into such a solid net attaching rhythm that he just grooved along attaching the net all along the boat. Going even so far as to attach the netting to the swim ladder in its upright locked position. When I pointed this out to Mark he sighed and said " A functional swim ladder is an upgrade". No matter, this kind of thing happens to the best of us.

And so we are finishing up loading the boat with an eye to heading off this afternoon. When ever anyone has asked us what exotic port we hoped to sail to, Mark has always replied "I'd like to get out of Galveston". Hopefully after this Suck Down cruise, Mark will be able to tick that box on his list and come up with a more exciting answer to the question.

Old Glory on our dock neighbors boat. So much for the myth that lighter fabrics are more UV resistant.


  1. You can do it, Cid. I know you can. It just seems like madness. Eventually, you get your groove.

  2. Haha we're getting ready for a 4 hour sail then a haul out this weekend and it feels like it takes all week to get ready! Seriously, is it just because there's a kid coming?

  3. I am rolling with laughter! That is just so excellent; the idea of bedazzling a mainsail! I say go for it! If Mark just cannot put tiny holes in the sail, use the sticky kind of dazzle that require no 'drilling'. They should stay on for a while anyhow.
    And the netting around the swim ladder: Classic! Go Mark. Kitty will be totally safe with him in charge.

  4. Woohoo! So close. I'm sure everything will work fine, enough!