Friday, April 26, 2013

And Now We Are 3....

In the midst of all the plumbing and painting, our wee girl turned 3. What she wanted more than anything this year was a birthday party. I suppose my career as an event planner/manager is the reason I felt a flush of panic. Visions of bouncy castles, lavishly decorated tents, a huge guest list, caterers, pony rides, magicians and photographers bounced around in my head as I nervously queried what her expectations of a party were. Kitty had my back. What she wanted was a cake, balloons and party hats. Her requested guest list was Mommy, Daddy and Maura. Okay, this I could handle.

 For a while, Kitty was into Spider Man. It didn't take long for her to figure out  that Spider Man is a boy and she is a girl and she wants to be a Super Hero too. So Spider Man was quickly replaced by a love of the Power Puff Girls who are sugar and spice and everything nice with a healthy dose of Chemical X which enables them to fight crime and save the world. The great thing about this is how cute Kitty is 'flying' around with  her cape streaming behind her saving us and her stuffed animals from evil doers. The bad thing, she really wanted a Power Puff Girls party and the Puff Girls are now considered "classic". Ouch. This means there is nothing available on the well supplied kiddie-licensed-character market adorned with Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup.

I took Kitty with me to every single darned party and toy store looking for anything with her beloved Power Puff Girls. Zero luck. I gave Kitty the opportunity to choose anything else she wanted- Thomas the Tank? Nope. Spider Man? Nope. She saw the pink pirate hats and eye patches and that was it. Okay, its your party and you can "argh" if you want to.

Remembering the Great Poop Cake Incident of last year, I played it safe and just bought some cupcakes from the bakery. Kitty was every bit as happy as if I had gotten her an elaborate cake because she got to blow out candles and make a wish. That's what she wanted- party hat, candles and a wish. How could I say no?
Every time Kitty sees this photo she says " Look! Its a wish!"

We all wore pirate hats. Kitty blew out her candles. We had non-poopy cupcakes and Kitty opened her gifts of Play Dough, Crayons, High Ho Cherry O and the thing she loves most- a robotic rabbit. (she really wants a rabbit but we've got no room on the boat). Simple. I do not think she would have been any happier with an elaborate, huge shin dig. 3 year olds get it. Joy and happiness is everywhere and its usually in the simple things.

Oh. Would you believe in the very back of the balloon stand at the grocery store Kitty spotted a Power Puff Girls Balloon? See? Miracles do happen.
Happy Birthday Kitty.


  1. Look it's a wish. It doesn't get any sweeter than that! Happy Birthday dear Kitty! Sending love from your Annapolis fan club!

  2. Kitty is just so dang adorable. Happy birthday!

  3. Oh my gosh, that picture of her making her wish is incredible. I'd hang that one up for sure!

  4. It's funny - just as I was reading your other post I was thinking, "Three years?!?!?! No wonder that little girl is getting so big!" :-) Happy belated birthday to her! Still love the double eye patch picture and I still say there was nothing wrong with the poop cake!!!!!! (I mean aside from the ribbon of poop). I might go for store bought next year too - baby's first didn't really come out as expected. Pictures soon!