Monday, September 15, 2014

At Home in Edinburgh

We arrived in Edinburgh to see Mark's family. It's not just the the fact that family is in Edinburgh that makes me feel so happy and at home here, its the city itself. There are many cities and towns and little villages I have been to that I have really enjoyed and some I have even fallen in love but Edinburgh is the one place that I instantly felt right at home. I just love this place. It has an energy unlike any other. It has every cultural amenity a big city should have, plus tons of tourists and historical sites and shops and even some of the spiciest Indian food anywhere (big plus in my book) and I could happily live here forever. Alas, our first stop this trip before we headed out West to scout out some marinas was only 3 days.

Our first night after taking the chunnel back from Paris to London, then hopping on a train to Edinburgh was spent talking around a table full of ridiculously spicy Indian take away with Mark's sister Gillian, her husband Robert and our nephew Laurie.

The next morning we awoke to brilliant blue skies and after lots of hand made espresso's courtesy of Robert, we went for a hike for the afternoon.

Out the door...

Through the neighborhood to Holyrood Park...
Laurie gamely carried Kitty about on his shoulders. He chased her, pushed her on the swing and encouraged her to try some more ziplining....

She declined to do any ziplining but was game for everything else.

Up the path to a little loch in the shadow of Arthur's Seat to feed the swans...

Around Arthur's Seat all the way down to the Innocent Railway.

A long rambling amble down the path, with Kitty plucking more berries off the prickly vines and gorging on them. It was at this time that I became acquainted with stinging nettle. Oh what wonders you discover when you travel...

Into Duddingston and through  Dr. Neil's garden...

And then we retired to what is purported to be the oldest pub in Scotland, The Sheep Heid Inn. The pub might be old but the food and beer were fresh.

After a late tea, we walked back home through Duddingston Village with Kitty stopping to admire the village's communal chickens.

Once home, we sat up to the wee hours with more fancy pants espressos and a whisky or two chatting until we were all ready for sleep.

It was without a doubt one of the best days ever. Loved wasting time, getting to see a more natural, and beautiful part of Edinburgh right within the city. What I loved even more was wasting time with family
Yes. I could stay here.


  1. Lovely photos and time with family! Laurie looks like a wonderful young man, obviously taken with wee Kitty. And why not?
    We are very familiar with both stinging nettle and blackberries around here. Crushed bracken fern takes some of the sting out, but urine is better. Sometimes that's not practical, though. Nettles make good tea and broth. Loads of vitamins. But that doesn't help when they hurt. Claire's Scottish lad comes on Friday for a two week visit. They plan to travel together now. We are darn pleased about that. Hope this post doesn't show up twice. I wrote it, and it disappeared.

    1. Yup, Laurie is a good egg. Kitty calls him "my sky boy". I would rather deal with the nettle pain than have anyone pee on my foot. Sometimes the cure is the greater of two evils. Glad to hear Claire's fella is a traveler as well! can't wait to hear where they go and what they see!

  2. Hi there! I followed your link at Zachaboard, and you have a lovely blog! I was lucky to travel to Edinburgh while I was in high school, and I found it to be just lovely, too! I wish I could have some spicy indian takeaway...I'm the only one in my family who likes it!

  3. I love going new places with you Cid! So interesting on the tunnel name! Kitty looks a little dubious about the berries at first. :-) I LOVE the shoulder sitting photo with her hair all up in the air!!!!

  4. We love edinburgh!! And we spent a day there doing pretty much what you did. Please move there so we can come visit. Often!!