Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet SV Conviva

Preparing a boat for extended cruising is not exactly scintillating. While we are making good progress on our shiny new electrical system and while we find options for toilet plumbing infinitely fascinating, I understand that you might not. Since you've all been such troopers in hanging in there and following the blog while we suffer through the boring stuff, I thought I'd share a bit of excitement with you.

Meet the crew of SV Conviva. Tucker and Victoria, have suffered through all the boring bits of pre-cruising prep work and now have reached a big goal. They are casting off and setting sail in just 4 days. 4 DAYS! I am so excited to see them begin their grand adventure and look forward to watching them achieve their other goals. Their plan? Once around the world- with kids.

Sometimes its easy to get bogged down in the minutae and set backs that come with getting ready to cast off. Its easy to lose sight of what the end game is and it really helps to see others who have been where you are just now beginning the real journey. Sometimes the best way to keep your eye on the prize is to take a peek just beyond your own horizon.

So fair winds and following seas to you Conviva. I look forward to reading about your adventures both big and small. Now go out there and see what you can see...isn't that why a sailor goes to sea?

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  1. Cidnie you are such an awesome hoister! Thanks for supporting us and cheering us on. It's amazing to me how our little tribe has developed without even meeting in person. I can't wait until we can stand by and cast off (virtually) /your/ docklines!