Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spain on the Brain

My last official Dyneema Experience blog is up. The competition ends in a week and you know what? I'll be sad to see it end. It has been a blast. I would highly encourage other sailors to give it a go for DET 2012. It will be something you will never forget.

So here is my final video entry for the Dyneema Experience. I hope you find it as much fun watching it as I had making it. How badly do I want to win Spain? Badly enough to part with any dignity that I might still have. Ok, I never had much dignity to begin with. Here it is, the entire Dyneema Experience wrapped up in one little bit of quirky, goofy Cid-ness. Enjoy.

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Our matador took her job very seriously

Our bull was more interested in finding sticks to play with than charging


  1. Yes, but she's adorable while she's not-charging!

  2. Your girls are outrageously beautiful!
    Next stop - SPAIN!