Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weather watching

Its that time of year again. Time for me to practice deep breathing, centering myself and work on my Zen skills. Hurricane season is in full swing and with it comes my annual nervousness. I don't panic but I do cast a wary, watchful eye on the Gulf. Everytime a storm pops up in the Gulf out of seemingly nowhere, my wary eye begins to twitch funny.

We usually come through the early part of hurricane season with no worries. Then September comes and with it ridiculous heat. Heat which raises the water temperature to something that would either be really nice in a bathtub or which would provide an excellent growing medium for storm strength. Every year it is the same, September brings an increase in my weather induced anxiety.

I'm the weather worry wart in our family. Mark is so focused on whatever task he is doing that he relies on me to keep up with the details outside his scope of work and often that includes wathching the weather. Lee popped up and surprised me. As it turns out, we are probably not going to get anything other than a bit of increased wind, surf and a decrease in temperature (yesterday we had a cold front- only 38c!) which actually makes the removal of the house battery banks a bit less of a sweat fest. This is good news for us, but the speed with which this storm developed has not escaped my notice.

I suppose since we will be meandering through the heart of hurricane territory soon enough, this is all good practice. See? There is always a positive to everything. I hope our friends on the coast in thepath of Lee get through the storm with no issues. I hope that there are no injuries or damage. I hope November gets here quickly...I'm ready for my eye to stop twitching.

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